June Tailors Quilt As You Go - Sew By Number - Pattern Printed on Batting


Time: 10:00am to 3:00pm

Teacher: Barb Miller

Class Fee: FREE with purchase of a package of the June Tailor Printed Batting.

If you have ever done the quilt as you go method, you know you had to draw your lines on
the batting….well…..June Tailor has already done that for you! The lines are printed and numbered
on the batting.  I’m in love with this method - it’s so easy and fast!  Mt. Pleasant has the
following Quilt As You Go - Sew By Number Printed Batting projects
available: Tablerunner, Placemats, Pillows, Wine Totes, (if you aren’t a giver of wine-you
can put the vinaigrette or the infused oil bottles in them) 2 styles of Christmas stockings and a tote.
With the purchase of a package of the printed batting, your class will be free.
You supply your own fabric or buy one of the fabric kits.  (I know many of you made a purchase
at our Holiday Extravaganza event.)  You will leave the class with one or more projects completed.