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August 13, 2012 : Barb’s Bulletin-Fall 2012

Dear Quilters,

I’m writing this Fall newsletter on July 27th. Seems a bit early doesn’t it, but to get it to the
printers and to you on time, it was a necessity. But I also had to write it early as I’m going on a
trip with my grandkids to Yellowstone for almost the complete month of August. We’re very

Probably the most grandiose thing to write about is our 10th Anniversary
Celebration Sale - Sept. 20th - 22nd. My, how these 10 years have flown! We’ve certainly shared
a lot of laughs, tears, worries, concerns, happy times, and of course the love and addictive
world of quilting with each other! Our Anniversary Celebration Sale events are listed further on
in this newsletter, but I do want to tell you about our 10 + 10 Promotion that will be happening
throughout our 10th year. As you know, you receive 10% off every purchase when you walk
through our doors. (Either 10% punched on your buyer card or 10% as a guild member.)
Well… on the 10th of every month for the entire year (8 out of 12 months at least, as it falls on a
Sunday or Monday when we are closed 4 times), we will choose either a book, pattern, notion,
fabric line, or kit, etc., and on that day you will receive an extra 10% off. That’s why we are
calling it the 10 + 10 event! You can buy it on the 10th while you’re in the shop, or call and
purchase it on the 10th.

Our t-shirt contest winners were: Cathy Judkins with the saying, “Quilting sews friendships
stitch by stitch”, and Janice Spiotta: “I feed my soul by the stitches I sew”.
T-shirts can be purchased with these quotes on them. One dollar of your purchase of a t-shirt
goes to Cystic Fibrosis. Contest winner Christina Robison’s saying is imprinted on our staff
t-shirts: “Mt. Pleasant Quilting…where it’s sew nice!”

Quilt Away Weekend: Oct. 19th - 21st. Balance due Sept. 14th. Full, but can still call the shop
to be put on the waiting list as life always seems to get in the way and we have “newbie’s”
every year.

Quilt Away Weekend: Nov. 2nd - 4th. Balance due Sept. 26th. Full, but can still call the shop
as stated above.

Forks and Needles: Balance due: Sept. 22nd.

We are having a fantastic response to our 65 Roses pillowcase drive. We started this mission
in honor of employee Lisa Miskell’s daughter, Meghann, who has Cystic Fibrosis. We have
received 260 pillowcases in about 4 weeks time! Why is it called “65 Roses”? Here’s the story:
Several years ago, a mom was talking on the phone regarding her son’s Cystic Fibrosis. He was
very young and had not been told he had Cystic Fibrosis. He thought she said 65 roses and
asked why she was talking about that. Hence, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation adopted 65 roses
as their logo. Cystic Fibrosis patients can be in the hospital for weeks at a time throughout the
year for “tune-ups.” We decided it would be a great mission to give pillowcases to these
patients to brighten up their sterile hospital room. You get to fill out a ticket for every
pillowcase you bring in. For every 65 pillowcases, we draw a ticket for a $25.00 gift certificate-.
We’ve had 4 lucky winners so far!

As I always write in every newsletter because it’s so true….You are all fun, friendly, fantastic
women and men! I sincerely thank you for attending classes and shopping at Mt. Pleasant Quilting.

Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company

April 17, 2012 : Barb’s Bulletin May - August 2012

Dear Quilters,
    Happy Spring and pre-summer to you.  I’m writing this the last week in March so all the news can get to you in a timely fashion.
    Probably one of the things I’m most excited about is an event that’s happening on Saturday, June 16th. It’s never been done before in Western New York- it’s a first!! We’ve had two Quilt Market events before with a tent out front when a sales rep has been here with swatches from 40 plus companies. You got to see the fabric as I see it when I go to Quilt Market to order. But this event is DIFFERENT. When I go to Quilt Market, they have an event that’s called Schoolhouse Series.  One day, one can rotate thru classes every 30 minutes.  All the newest patterns and books showing the newest fabric lines, new product demo’s, notions, etc. are featured.  Well….we are going to have a Schoolhouse! I’d like to give you a taste of what it’s like when I go to Quilt Market.  I ‘m writing this the last week of March, and I don’t go to Quilt Market until May 18th, so I can’t tell you what will be featured in our Schoolhouse, but I can tell you:
The Latest & Greatest One Day School House
event will be Saturday, June 16th with TWO tents out front.  Cost is $45.00 which includes a minimum of eight 30-minute classes and lunch.  Limited to 140 signups. (Car pooling would be great.) The doors will open at 9:00 am. You’ll need to give yourself thirty minutes or so to pick up your schedule packet. The events will start promptly at 10:00. There will be door prizes, give aways, special deals, coupons, and what else - I don’t know yet, because I have to attend Quilt Market to find out.  Call or email to sign up as the spots will go quickly!
    I’ve asked Penny Marble from Penny Marble Quilt Designs to screen print t-shirts for the shop to sell.  I’m asking for slogans you would like to see on the front of the t-shirt.
We will have our logo and name of course, but then a slogan underneath it relating to quilting.  We will choose 3 slogans for three different shirts and have them screen printed.  The winners of the 3 chosen slogans will each receive a FREE t-shirt.  Call or email your slogan - we will keep a running list of nominations.  Deadline is May 31st.
    A big thank-you to everyone who participated in the Hop For A Cause. At this writing, a total of $6311 in donations was received for cancer.  The raffle quilt $$ won’t be counted until May 12th, so there will be more coming. Pretty impressive for the first year!
    As you know we have a sale each month.  I’ve changed the sale for June as I’ve been thinking the book and pattern sale for that month was sort of boring.  The pajama sale in March has always been fun -so check out the monthly sales plus the new swimming attire sale in June!!
    The annual Western New York State Shop Hop is coming up, plus Fun In The Sun III, and hopefully you will find a class or two that fulfills your desires. I’ve tried to schedule a variety to fit everyone’s needs or desires.
    I’m still looking for people who would be willing to switch to email. Please let me know.
    As I always write in every newsletter because it’s so true….You are all fun, friendly, fantastic women and men!  I sincerely thank you for attending classes and shopping at Mt. Pleasant Quilting.       
    Sewingly,  Barb

August 19, 2011 : FAll 2011

September – December 2011

Dear Quilters,

    I’m writing this Fall newsletter on July 31st.  Seems a bit early doesn’t it, but to get it to the printers and to you on time, it was a necessity.  When you finally get it, summer will be just about over.  Where did the time fly to?
    “Barn Quilts”: I’ve been hatching an idea!  Hopefully, many of you have seen the two “barn quilts” that I have.  Wild Goose Chase is on the front of the garage and Flower Basket is on the shed at the end of the garden.  Penny’s Stitch n’ Print made them for me.  They are digitally printed on vinyl and laminated to protect them.  You can have your favorite block pattern made, or choose one of the many block patterns Penny has.  The “barn quilts” can be any size you want.  Hang them outside any place: your porch, garage, house, shed, barn, etc. Let’s get to the idea I’m hatching:  We know how great the Barn Quilt Trail is in the Kendall area-let’s extend it all over.  Spread the word wherever you are. Wouldn’t it be great, no matter where we travel, to see a “barn quilt” displayed?  If you order them through Penny, I will be able to keep track of where they are and someday will be able to publish a Barn Quilt Trail listing.  Wouldn’t it be great to have “barn quilts” showing up everywhere? Penny’s website is  Phone #:585-591-8149.

Quilt Away Weekend: Oct. 21st – 23rd.  Balance due: Sept. 21st. Full, but can still call the shop to be put on the waiting list as there always seems to be cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.

Quilt Away Weekend: Nov. 4th – 6th.  Balance due: Oct. 4th. Full, but can still call the shop as stated above for the waiting list.

Forks and Needles Cuisine: Balance due Sept. 15th.

Longarm Machine Quilting: Many of you have asked about our cut-off date for Christmas Longarm Machine Quilting.  As of this writing, I am not establishing a cut-off date.  I have 5 girls who work a considerable number of hours to quilt for you in a timely fashion.  We have been able to turn our pantos or edge to edge around in a MAXIMUM OF 6 WEEKS, and custom in about 2 months.  If it is really close to Christmas, give the shop a call and we can tell you where we are at that point.

Fabric prices: I’m sure we all are aware of the rise in fabric prices. Many of you and I have had discussions about this very topic. I have always bought the latest fabrics instead of close-outs. Close-outs certainly would be priced lower, but I am listening to you when you tell me you want the latest and newest fabrics.  I will continue to honor your wishes. Thank you for your input.

10% discount: A quick reminder that every time you make a purchase, you always receive 10% off your purchase of regularly priced merchandise, whether it be by our punchable shopper card or quilt guild discount.

9th Anniversary Celebration Sale: It doesn’t seem possible we will be celebrating our 9th year in business.  The tent will be up as usual! Make sure to mark it on your calendar as well as our other monthly sales.

Have a wonderful autumn adventure and a blessed holiday season! As I always write in my newsletter because it’s so true: you are all fun, friendly, and fantastic women! (And men-you are too!) I sincerely thank you for attending classes and shopping at Mt. Pleasant Quilting. 

July 19, 2011 : Great things are happening this summer!


A fun shop-hop-like event. No passports and no cost to the customers.

Each participating shop designs a row pattern. Customers travel to the shops to collect the row patterns. Customers create unique quilts using at least 8 different shops’ patterns.


Each shop will award a bundle of 26 fat quarters to the first customer who brings in a completed (quilted, bound, and labeled) row quilt using rows from at least 8 different shops. When you pick up our row you will receive a list of other participating shops.

Challenge expires December 31, 2011. Limit one prize per quilter/quilt.

Here’s Mt Pleasant’s row for the hop:

Have you noticed the two “Barn” Quilt Blocks outside our shop?


More info will be coming in our September – December Newsletter regarding an idea I’m hatching…stay tuned!


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