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June 26, 2018 : Barb’s Bulletin - July & August Newsletter

Dear Quilters,
    Welcome to summer! I’m still hearing my mom’s voice telling me to take time to “smell the roses.”  All of us pack a lot into our lives, don’t we?  I do eat my breakfast out on the back deck most mornings which I really enjoy.  Years ago, we cut a hole in the deck and placed a garden pond with a small waterfall in the cut out area.  I love the sound of the rippling water - very relaxing.  I have quite a few plants and another small garden pond on the ground right at the edge of the deck. I guess it’s my oasis!
    Attached is the Newsletter for July and August.  I have listed all the classes even if they are ongoing ones, so no one will be confused when their class is. Just make sure you read whether it is a New Class or an Ongoing Class.
    We are always closed Sundays and Mondays which makes it July 1st and 2nd.  I have decided to close on Tuesday, July 3rd and of course for the holiday, July 4th.  Therefore, Mt. Pleasant will be closed July 1st - July 4th.  See you on the 5th!  Have a wonderful July 4th holiday!
        As I always write in my newsletter because it’s so true: you are all fun, friendly and fantastic women! (And men-you are too!)  I sincerely thank you for attending classes and shopping at Mt. Pleasant Quilting.

May 10, 2018 : Barb’s Bulletin -June Special events and Newsletter

Dear Quilters,
    I want to start out by telling you about our two Special Events this month and then follow with our new class listings for June - also listing the Ongoing classes too!
    Our Annual School House Event will be Saturday, June 16th, 10:00 - 3:00.  The tent will be out front as usual with all of the newest items from Quilt Market and also items that are new to Mt. Pleasant.  I can’t tell you or even give you a hint as to what we’ll have under that tent, because I’m writing this on May 12th, and Quilt Market isn’t until May 18th - 20th.  I fly to Portland, Oregon on May 16th and return on the 21st.  I’ll be giving you hints and more info after I return.  I can tell you though, my sales rep, Kevin Yanni, from Checker Distributors will be here showing the latest patterns, notions and books. He’s great eye candy too!  (Did I just say that?  Shhh…!)  We always have sales that day on the latest things from Quilt Market too!  So, stay tuned for when I return.
    Our Second Special Event is The Great New York Shop Hop - a La Carte!
Tuesday, June 5 - Saturday, June 16th - normal business hours per each shop. It’s new and sounds like a lot of fun!  You get to choose which Loop of shops you want to do. You can do the Loop S Shops, or the Loop N Shops, or both loops if you choose,  or choose a combination of ANY 12 shops or all 16 shops.  You have 2 weeks to make your choices.  All bolted regularly priced fabric will be 15% off.  You will also receive 5 FREE patterns when you pick up your passport at your first stop. Listed below are the shops and prizes.
    Until next time….........

April 12, 2018 : Barb’s Bulletin

Dear Quilters,
    Our January - April Newsletter listing classes will soon be coming to a close.  Where did the time go?  Does the time fly faster because all of us (and that means all of you and myself) are so busy doing so many things, or has social media had an effect on the passing of time, or…or…...well, I guess I’m not going to go down that road anymore of finding out reasons or answers, and just get onto business.  I’m going to write the class listings for May at this time.  I will note whether it is an ongoing class or a new one.  You will also find information under Special Events regarding a fun shop hop with only 5 area shops called: “Follow the Cookie Crumb Trail.” If you like cookies, you’ll like this.
    An important event to mark on your calendar:  Our School House is going to be held on Saturday, June 16th under the big tent out front.  More info to follow later.
  We will be closed, Saturday, May 26th for the holiday week-end. Here’s wishing for spring to come along very soon!.  Now onto business…..and until next time,

March 13, 2018 : Barb’s Bulletin March 13

Dear Quilters
    Two Halves Make a Whole #6 is ready for shipping or pick-up. I’ve named this one “April Showers.”  I think the lyrics to the song go something like this:  Though April Showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May…..etc.
I had a lot of fun making it and hope you will too!  Sewing, gluing and fusible web will complete this project for you.

Look at this adorable new line of fabric called “Play Day” that has arrived.  Pinks, grays, white,  birds, butterflies, flowers, puppies and bunnies adorn this sweet collection.

It’s getting to be that time again when we have our annual PJ sale.  Just think…you can hop out of bed with those jammies on and come along! Once again Patty has baked her delicious treats for all of you to enjoy.

Friday, March 23rd & Saturday, March 24th
Wear your pajamas 8:00a.m. – 9:00a.m. and receive 35% OFF ALL FABRIC
Wear your pajamas 9:00a.m. - 10:00a.m. and receive 30% OFF ALL FABRIC
Wear regular clothes 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and receive 25% OFF ALL FABRIC
We just love seeing those jammies!
Continental breakfast provided!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day - spring is arriving next week - hurrah!!
  Until next time…....


March 01, 2018 : Barb’s Bi-Weekly Bulletin - February 27

Dear Quilters,

    I heard some squawking geese flying overhead this past week - wonder what that is a sign of..?  We’re getting closer and closer to spring!  Shhhh….don’t scare it away.

    Puzzle Pieces from Moda has arrived.  60 sku’s in this line.  Lights, mediums and darks.  Moda has named them: Parchment Blue, Slate, Chocolate, Purple Parchment, Country Red, Sienna, Dove, Warm Green, Olive, Navy, etc.  It really is a beautiful collection.  Come and take a peak!

    Jackie has almost finished a block quilt and so wished she could have chosen from this collection - but as she said, “the next one!”

    Until next time….......


February 08, 2018 : Barb’s Bulletin February 1

Barb’s Biweekly Bulletin - Feb. 1 2018

Dear Quilters,

    February already - but closer to spring…ugh…springs still too far away!
                        February Happenings:

I’m anxious to see how many quilters will be bringing their Tumbler Participation Challenge quilts this Saturday, February 3rd. .  Only the top has to be completed-
easy - right?  The grand winner will receive a gift certificate valued at the number of quilters who will be present with their tumbler top.  If there are 20 quilters, the gift certificate will be $20.00, if 100 quilters are present,the gift certificate will be $100.00. Also, the more participants, the greater number of door prizes there will be too! The winners will be determined by randomly drawing names of those participants present. You will be able to socialize, have show and tell, enjoy refreshments and hopefully have some fun!
    February also brings us our Annual Sweetheart’s Sale.  Any fabric with pink and red in it will be 30% off February 13th - 17th.
    Another February happening:  I am closing out our Siesta Sterling Silver Jewelry.  We have chains, pendants (and these are quilt blocks), bracelets and spacer beads to put on chains or to separate charms with.  All of the Siesta Sterling Silver Jewelry will be 40% off.  Remember you have to store sterling silver jewelry in a resalable plastic bag to keep out moisture to prevent tarnish.  You also need to buff it with a soft cloth.  A great gift for yourself, your friend or tell your significant other where a personalized gift can be purchased at a wonderful price!
    Until next time…...


January 23, 2018 : January 21, 2018

Dear Quilters,
  Our Annual January Thaw Sale is this Friday and Saturday,
Jan. 26th & 27th - regular shop hours. 25% OFF all fabric, books, patterns and notions. It certainly is a January Thaw day today as I am writing this! I’m sort of glad as I can have a reprieve from shoveling for awhile.
I’m sure you will enjoy the respite too!

Our latest “Two Halves Make a Whole” kit hit the shelves on January 15th (the 15th is the due date every month) gives me a goal for completion.
I’ve named this one; “In The Mail…”. You’ll have plenty of time to complete it for February. I thank you for the positive feedback on this series…I have my ideas for March, April, and
June, but right now I’m at a loss for a May idea. Time for a shower - lol!

Hope to see you at our Thaw Sale!

Till next time….


November 14, 2017 : Barb’s Bulletin - November 14

Dear Quilters,

    It’s time for that Bi-Weekly Bulletin again.  How time flies!  This
Saturday - already——will be November 18th with our Holiday Extravaganza Open House from 10:00 - 3:00.  The elves stepped up their game (after I gave them more chocolate) and completed more samples and cut kits.  We will be ready for you on Saturday.  Shop is decorated too!  The decorating elves have been busy too!

    The second in the monthly series of “Two Halves Make A Whole” will be ready for pick-up and shipping on Saturday too!  You still can get in on the whole series if you haven’t already done so.  Just let us know.  There will be a patchwork and complementary part to each pattern…(.that’s where the two halves make a whole comes into play). I hope you will like “The Christmas Ball.” 

I hope to see you Saturday.  You will receive a free gift, can partake in some refreshments, and hopefully a lot of inspirational ideas.



September 21, 2017 : Barb’s Bulletin - September 2017

Dear Quilters,
    Happy extended summer!  I’m writing this on September 21st - 77 degrees.  Remarkable! 
    I’m just going to give a quick over view of this newsletter.  You will only find 8 new classes for the next three months, as there are so many continuing classes that are occurring.  A Hand Embroidery/Open Hand-Stitching class and a Hand Embroidery POM—make sure to read the difference in the write-up,  3 different Christmas project classes,  the beginner’s class which is called Do-Re Mi - you know the song….“let’s start at the very beginning…”, Debbie Thomas is back with a new class using one of Deb Tucker’s ruler,  and of course the If You’re Stuck class for our Judy Niemeyer addicts!
    Save the date: Saturday, November 18th for our annual Holiday Open House
Extravaganza!  The elves have started their projects!  More details will follow!
    We are always closed Sundays and Mondays- additional closings are Thursday, Nov. 23rd and Dec. 26th.
    Enjoy the great extension of summer weather into fall!    Until next time….

August 03, 2017 : Barb’s Bi-Weekly Bulletin - August 3

Dear Quilters,
    I’m still eating my breakfast out on the back deck and this is one of the petunia plants that I look at each morning. 

Doesn’t this picture just make you breathe in deeply and relax?  A great way to start the day.  Of course, this is one of the petunia plants that you look at on the front deck as you enter the shop.

I have added another class to the calendar: “Twinkle Star” by Judy Niemeyer has been requested.

Twinkle Star
Thursdays: Aug 24th, 2:00 - 5:00; Sept 28th 10:00 - 1:00, & Oct. 19th 100 - 1:00
This 38” x 38” wallhanging/tabletopper is a beauty!  If you’re a newbie to the foundation paper piecing process by Judy Niemeyer or the JN addict, you will find success with this class and have it completed by the end of the 3rd class…....depending on…. if you do your homework!  You will make lone star units and learn to do curved piecing for the New York Beauty blocks.  Karen will guide you every step of the way.
Teacher:  Karen Bryant                                                   Class Fee: $45.00

    I need to make a correction for the pricing of the Tokens of Thyme BOM wool kit that was written in the July to September newsletter.  Due to incorrect information that a fabric company representative gave me, the cost can go DOWN!  Amazing - right?  The total cost of the 12 month Wool BOM kit will be $96.60 instead of $112.80.  Those who have paid the original amount will receive a credit.  If you haven’t signed up yet, stop in and see the 1st two months samples.  They are adorable!  Following is the paragraph taken from the newsletter:

Tokens of Thyme WOOL BOM
1st Thursday of every other month, starting Sept. 7th, 10:00 - 1:00, for 6 cycles, OR
1st Thursday of every other month, starting September 7th, 6:00 - 9:00 for 6 cycles
A wool applique BOM seasonal themed sampler-great for a variety of skill levels. This wool
sampler is made with 1 yard of background wool and precut (20) 10” wool squares in different
colors. The designer, Darci Schipnewski, said Tokens of Thyme reflects what she thinks of as the
months of the year unfold. This manageable completed project measures 18” x 24”. It can be
placed in a wooden frame, or displayed individually on a 6” wire rack for the changing months.
Kit necessary for class. Kit can also be shipped for non-class members.

    I’m off to a quilting retreat tomorrow with some gals from Watertown.  I was teaching a JN class there a couple months ago and…Voila….isn’t it great how we make friends through our quilting experiences?

    Until next time…......


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