Tumbler Participation Challenge


Time: 10:01am to 3:00pm

The more quilters that participate, the bigger the stakes are for prizes.  The grand winner will receive a gift certificate valued at the number of quilters who participate and bring in the top on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018. For example if there are only 5 quilters, the gift certificate will be $5.00.  If there are 100 quilters, the gift certificate will be $100.00.  Therefore, the gift certificate value will equal the number of quilters who participate and bring in the top on Feb. 3rd.  Also, the more participants, the greater number of door prizes there will be too!  We are looking at a throw size quilt approximately 50” x 69”  because who doesn’t like a comfy, snuggly quilt?  Rules?  They are simple:
1. Come in - sign up. Pick up the yardage requirements for a throw size.
2. Buy your yardage OR bring yardage from home to be cut into tumblers.
3. Mt. Pleasant will accurately cut the tumblers using our Accuquilt Studio machine.
4. Payment for cutting this throw size will be: $12.50.
5. Go home, sew, - doesn’t have to be quilted or bound to qualify- your choice.
6. Come to our Tumbler Participation Challenge Event on Saturday, February 3rd at
  10:00.  The winners be determined by randomly drawing names of those participants
    present. The value of the gift certificate plus the number of door prizes will be
  determined at that time.  Our cut off time will be 10:30 to determine the prizes. You
  will be able to socialize, have show and tell, enjoy refreshments and hopefully have
  some fun!
7.  You still have time to do this!  It was first announced in September. I’m anxious to see how you will meet the challenge!