Orphan Train of Memories BOM - class 10 of 10


Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm

Teacher: Jackie Roberts

This BOM is inspired from the Orphan Train movement, which began in 1854 and ended in 1929.  An estimated 200,000+ orphaned, abandoned and homeless children were placed out from New York City by train and sent to rural communities in 48 states and Canada in search of new parents and new homes.  The BOM tells the story of a woman named Helen who travels as an agent on the trains. She helps the children get adopted, and follows up yearly with the children and their new families.  The BOM quilt is designed to represent how the many children all had a common bond and a story to tell.  Taking the many pieces and creating a whole quilt is a way to tell that story.  Each fabric piece is representative of a child, and when pieced together, they create a bond, making them a part of something much larger—a family.  We will have a movie night with popcorn for all quilters who sign up for this class.  See Wednesday, Sept. 28th.  Barb has read the book…very moving- certainly touches your heart!  We are using the exact fabrics from RJR that the patterns were created for. Kits available.