*Fabrics From The Past Club-class 4 of 6


Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm

Teacher: Jackie Roberts

Jackie has chosen a pattern from Pam Buda to use for this 6 month segment.  There are 3 different quilts with 3 different sizes available-so you chose your size ranging from
22” x 26 to 51” x 64.  Jackie is starting with the “Nines in Blue” quilt.  Pam Buda’s new, complete collection: “Antique-Old Greens/Blues” will be arriving along with many coordinating bolts of Pam Buda’s, plus “The Collection for a Cause” circa 1889 from Moda.  You’ve requested this era of fabric -  we listened!  Kits available.  If you want only the kits, they can be mailed or picked up also.

Class dates:  3/10, 4/14, 5/12, 6/9, 7/14, 8/18