*JN Workshop


Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Teacher: Barb Miller

Fee: $15.00

The “Geese Migration” book is soon to be released by Judy Niemeyer.  About a year ago, if you recall, JN Certified Shops were invited to design a quilt using several of Judy’s foundation paper pieced components.  I chose to design a quilt, therefore my quilt is in the book. (How else would I ever get published?) So, I thought it would be great if you could design your own special quilt using some of the paper pieced components that are available to choose from.  You would be designing your own layout, your size and we would help you choose your colors if you wanted us to.  Don’t want to design your own quilt, but want to make a quilt from the book? This class is still for you. There are 29 quilts to choose from.  I think its a win-win situation.  Want to design your own - or want to make one from the book?  Both decisions are winners!  The book will be discounted.
No experience necessary in paper piecing!